Visit to Shipwreck Beads

Well. I paid my first visit to Shipwreck Beads in Lacey, WA. A long road trip with friends but sooooooo worth it. Since I moved to the Portland area I’ve been dying to go to the fabled store.

Having been to the Bead & Button annual show several times I knew wandering around the store aimlessly wouldn’t work. So I put together a list of delicas, findings, and certain beads which would work with various projects laid in heaps on my worktable.

And, of course, this meant leaving plenty of space in my budget for ‘things I did not know I needed’…… of which there were a few!

Somehow 3 hours went by and I swear it was only a couple of minutes. Well, my bag of goodies looked small, but oh so powerful. And expensive….

But lovely, and I can get going on a couple of ideas immediately.

Needless to say, though I will, it is so worth visiting bead stores just to get an idea of what’s out there. And to bring home some exciting products which get your juices flowing and back to the drawing board.