Ann Harwell – quilt artist

Light Echoes from an Evolving Star by Ann Harwell
Light Echoes from an Evolving Star by Ann Harwell

Once upon a time, long, long ago, I spent time with an art quilt group based in North Carolina. Now I am in Florida it is not something I am able to continue. Which is a shame as I enjoyed the interaction between the artists and the critic who was invited to view and comment on our work.

Ann Harwell was, and perhaps still is, a member of the group. She was there at its inception and I always enjoyed her soft voice and gentle manner. She works on her art full time and has produced many pieces over years.

I explored her website recently to see what she was up to and found this quilt under construction. I love seeing how pieces evolve so Light Echoes from an Evolving Star caught my eye. Sometimes I think the work is enough as is, in the construction stage. Just like this piece. The lines of the trees are so evocative with the star showing through.

One day I will go back and see if the quilt is finished.