Portland Bead Society new website

For those of you in the know, I look after the Portland Bead Society website. As I am not a driver I try to volunteer for things which don’t involve the ubiquitous car. I’m a Brit, doncha know – and we avoid cars at all costs, probably because they DO cost. A lot.

Slight detour there (get it? Oh please, cars, detours? Never mind, forget I wrote it…). The point is, we had a committee meeting and disrupted everything. Well, we changed a few fings. So now we have a new SquareSpace theme and lots of lurvely white space for pictures.

The HomePage banner is a selection of beads from my stash. You can imagine how long it took  to put all those puppies back in their kennels. But it did give me a nice colour selection to work with at some future time.

And here it is – ta dah!

Portland Bead Society website
Portland Bead Society website

Have a wander around the site. We have plans………