Pebble Plants Hybrid Quilt

Pebble Plants Fractal Image
Pebble Plants Fractal Image

A new fractal image to work with. Very monochromatic but interesting shapes and design. This time I will increase the impact the beadwork has on the finished piece.

I have used a sheet of EQ printable cotton. The larger size – 13″ x 19″ which is the most my wide body printer can manage. My heart pounds when I feed the paper in and start printing – you never know if the printer will stick, the ink will suddenly dry up, the edges will get caught, blobs of black will land on the paper. Any number of nasties could happen so it’s very nerve wracking to watch the fabric sheet slowly emerge.

However, it printed just fine.

Now I need to sandwich and baste it together ready for hand quilting. And start designing beadwork to enhance the image.