Exhibition of Quilts by Libby Lehman at the National Quilt Museum

When I began quilting erm……. many years ago, Libby Lehman was one of my heroes. I loved her ribbon quilts and even went so far as to experiment with her technique in my April Journal Page. Not nearly as clever as her artwork but an interesting concept I wanted to try.

As the Quilt Museum remarks – her quilts are based on spatial illusions which I am very fond of and am trying out in my Anamorphic quilts. Mine are more trick the eye illusions whereas Libby’s work is 3-dimensional. But we both love fooling the viewers perceptions.

Sadly, Libby suffered a devastating aneurysm and stroke which she is still recovering from and I am delighted the Quilt Museum are honouring her work with this lovely exhibition entitled ‘Joy’. The exhibition is on until October 17th, 2017.

Escapade by Libby Lehman
Escapade by Libby Lehman