Sewing Machine Day September 10th

Sewing machineSeptember 10th is Sewing Machine day. Celebrating a revolution in clothes making and every other kind of stitching. Such as quilting!

Back in 1846 Elias Howe of Spencer, Mass. received a patent for the sewing machine. Thus started the patent wars. Isaac Singer got into the game and built the first sewing machine which used an up and down movement of the needle. Then a variety of inventions came along and a whole slew of people filed for patents. And sued each other……

Today the sewing machines we use are a far cry from the hand cranked Singer sewing machine we remember our grandmothers using. They cost as much as a small car and can practically make tea. Well…. almost.

I have 2 Singer sewing machines from my past – my great grandmother’s and my grandmother’s. Both machines I learned to use when I was small. They were kept in our attic room and I would work on little girl projects.

I have 2 modern electric machines – a Juki which I use the most as it’s totally reliable and does one thing really well – straight stitch. And a Pfaff which I bought when I first came to America and caused my husband to have a near fit when he heard the price.

A sewing machine has always been in my life and I have always used them.