SAQA Trunk Show 2014

Finally the SAQA 2014 Trunk Show has been put together, ready to tour the world for the next 3 years. I don’t even want to think how much work it takes to put together such a thing. 407 pieces of artwork, all needing mounting, sealing, and notating. Then they are packed and shipped in 8 different trunks. Unbelievable.

Subterranean Spiral - hybrid quiltMy piece Subterranean Spiral is part of Trunk G.

I like the idea these little quilts are ambassadors for the astonishing amount of technique, talent, and sheer passion of the SAQA members.

And you can request to have a trunk show sent to your guild, library, exhibition space or just to have as part of a group critique. Just email and ask for details.

Subterranean Spiral exhibiting in ‘Female Voices’

Subterranean Spiral - hybrid quilt by Rose Rushbrooke
Subterranean Spiral – hybrid quilt by Rose Rushbrooke

The hybrid quilt Subterranean Spiral is exhibiting in Female Voices: Fiber to inspire body, mind and spirit. The show is being sponsored by the Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild, hosted and exhibited at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Clearwater and the Octagon Arts Center, Clearwater, Florida – February 22 – April 3, 2013. So you have a few more days to go see.

This is a sample quilt. I really wanted to work out a way to combine quilting and beadwork. It’s a small piece. Only 8 inches by 10 inches. It worked out to my satisfaction, ie. the end result pleased me and inspired me to go further with this idea.

The basic construction is in steps. First, the fractal design. I use Ultra Fractal to create a fractal image which is then printed out on my Epson Stylus Photo printer. In my more adventurous days the cotton fabric would be prepared, cut to size and ironed onto freezer paper. Things have gotten lazy around here and EQ prepared sheets of cotton came into the picture. Time saved and end result the same.

Then the quilt is sandwiched and hand quilted. I absolutely love my collection of variegated quilting cottons. Collected over many years. There’s always a suitable colour for each quilt. And I love defining shapes and lines on the fabric. It’s another level of design.

Green crystal circle beadwork embellishment
Green crystal circle beadwork embellishment

Thirdly, the beadwork embellishment. Which is easy in this case as many of the fractal parts are circular and lent themselves to circular components.

And voila, a cross over piece of textile beadwork.

Am working on another one already.

Pebble Plants Hybrid Quilt

Pebble Plants Fractal Image
Pebble Plants Fractal Image

A new fractal image to work with. Very monochromatic but interesting shapes and design. This time I will increase the impact the beadwork has on the finished piece.

I have used a sheet of EQ printable cotton. The larger size – 13″ x 19″ which is the most my wide body printer can manage. My heart pounds when I feed the paper in and start printing – you never know if the printer will stick, the ink will suddenly dry up, the edges will get caught, blobs of black will land on the paper. Any number of nasties could happen so it’s very nerve wracking to watch the fabric sheet slowly emerge.

However, it printed just fine.

Now I need to sandwich and baste it together ready for hand quilting. And start designing beadwork to enhance the image.