Bohin Quilting Finger Cots

Bohin Quilting Finger Cots - SmallBohin Quilting Finger Cots - MediumBohin Quilting Finger Cots - Large

We’ve started carrying these finger cots from Bohin in Small, Medium, and Large. They are tougher than the little rolled up finger cots we used to have. They are really useful when you hand quilt as they stop the needle slipping out of your fingers. So… you put your quilting thimble on your middle finger and one of these finger cots on your index finger – bang, you speed up your work.

I used to have a needle grabber resting on my quilting hoop, ready to help me pull the needle through. But now I will try one of these. It means I don’t have to stop, pick up the needle grabber, pull the thread through, then put the needle grabber down.

Plus you don’t get all sweaty as the cots allow your finger to breathe.

Susan Cleveland, the Piping Hottie, (don’t you just love it?!), recommends using these finger cots.

Oh – and if you are curious. She wrote the book Piping Hot Curves, and there’s a Piping Hot Binding Kit.

Talking of Hand Quilting

Which I was a few posts ago, I wanted to take this subject a bit further.

Hand quilting tutorials seem to be few and far between on the Internet. At least, those which teach the way I hand quilt. I wanted to offer a collection of links but apparently this is not going to happen.

Mary Stori has a great tutorial posted on Threads Magazine – Perfect your Hand Quilting. I probably like this tutorial because this is exactly how I hand quilt. She recommends the Jean Lyle needles, and the Roxanne thimble.

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Why I Hand Quilt

When I first joined a quilting Guild, back in 1997, I thought “these people are CURAYZE to spend thousands of hours making lines of tiny stitches. Just to hold some little bits of fabric together? OUT OF THEIR MINDS.”

Me and my sewing machine are perfectly capable of stitching fabric together. After all, I made my own clothes by machine for years while I lived in the West Indies, why stop now? So my first experimental quilts were machine quilted. Very simple straight lines.

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