Anamorphic Roses – morphed perspective art quilt by Rose Rushbrooke

Anamorphic Roses - catoptric perspective, conical mirror placed in center to reflect image

It’s been a while since I’ve made an anamorphic art quilt. The whole concept of morphed perspective is so cool. I love things which fool the eye. Or require you to look again.

The above image shows the quilt with the conical mirror set in the middle. Look hard and you will see how the outside of the quilt reflects into the middle of the cone to form a bunch of roses.

Anamorphic Roses - morphed rose bunch with clear center for mirror

Now look at the quilt without the mirror and you can see there is nothing in the middle circle. Clever eh!

Reflection of rose bunch in the conical mirror.

Here is the mirror reflecting the flowers.

Close up of hand stitched rose and leaves.

And this is a close up of my hand quilting around a rose bud.