E E Schenck

E E Schenck Trends Diamond Jubilee
E E Schenck Trends Diamond Jubilee

This weekend we went to Trends at E E Schenk. It’s their Diamond Jubilee – the wholesalers have been around for 60 years.

We had no idea they were here in Portland. Shows how good my research is. I should have found this out BEFORE we got here 2 years ago. Fortunately I happened to be checking out wholesale suppliers and bingo, there they were. And the staff are lovely and the store is filled with heady things. Even David enjoys wandering around looking at the shelves of fabric and notions. We buy our thread from them on a regular basis.

They always put on a good lunch – why would we miss it? And so far we have won a door prize each time.

And they have great speakers – this time it was Mary Fons of Fons and Porter. Pretty special.

Very glad they are there.

New home in Milwaukie, Oregon

Mrs Bean and the new house
Mrs Bean and the new house

We are now the proud owners of a house in Milwaukie, Oregon. It’s about a foot south of Portland, Oregon. Close to transport ie. the light rail and buses everywhere. About a mile from the Williamette river and downtown Milwaukie.

I get to have a big studio again as my very nice husband offered me the master bedroom for my work. It looks out onto a small garden which in turn looks out onto a green space. It feels like we have acres of forest to breath in. Plus there is a redwood in the garden which is only a baby – it has a trunk circumference of 14ft!

Still in the throes of remodeling but we hope to be installed sometime in October. Looking forward to the next stage of our lives.

Sewing Machine Day September 10th

Sewing machineSeptember 10th is Sewing Machine day. Celebrating a revolution in clothes making and every other kind of stitching. Such as quilting!

Back in 1846 Elias Howe of Spencer, Mass. received a patent for the sewing machine. Thus started the patent wars. Isaac Singer got into the game and built the first sewing machine which used an up and down movement of the needle. Then a variety of inventions came along and a whole slew of people filed for patents. And sued each other……

Today the sewing machines we use are a far cry from the hand cranked Singer sewing machine we remember our grandmothers using. They cost as much as a small car and can practically make tea. Well…. almost.

I have 2 Singer sewing machines from my past – my great grandmother’s and my grandmother’s. Both machines I learned to use when I was small. They were kept in our attic room and I would work on little girl projects.

I have 2 modern electric machines – a Juki which I use the most as it’s totally reliable and does one thing really well – straight stitch. And a Pfaff which I bought when I first came to America and caused my husband to have a near fit when he heard the price.

A sewing machine has always been in my life and I have always used them.