Why I Avoid Art Competitions

I do my best to avoid art contests, competitions etc. Specially when you are asked to ‘pay to play’. It’s a real bad deal for artists. This article explains why. Thank you Maki Naro for writing this post on the Popular Science website.

It’s the same as a local restaurant offering to show work. Who wants their work in a food infested area? And are your clients really going to slurp their delicious meal, look up and go – ‘oooh look! I must find out who created that amazing piece of artwork and then actually follow up and buy it.’ I don’t think so.

Just another way to get free artwork.

PAY US FOR OUR WORK. Many of us have at least as much training as a plumber and would like to earn some of it back.

BeadCrate subscription

BeadCrate subscription
BeadCrate subscription

This looks kinda interesting? A box of beads, all a big surprise, each month, from BeadCrate. Personally I think this is a rather neat way to spark inspiration. And of course, add to your already vast stash. You get 2 options, a small or big box. And if you don’t want to subscribe then you can get only one box. The thing which caught my eye – they offer Toho seed beads as part of the box and they are my favorite seed beads.

Once In A Blue Moon – fractal quilt

Once In A Blue Moon - fractal quilt by Rose Rushbrooke. Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke.

Once In A Blue Moon – more symbolism than I usually employ.

Each full Moon in a season has a name. eg. in April it is Pink, in May it is Flower, and Strawberry in June. There are usually 3 full moons in a season. If another full Moon appears during the quarter it is called the Blue Moon. Since these occur about once every three years this gives rise to the idiom ‘once in a blue moon’. Or in other words, a rare occurrence.

This quilt is made with various shades of blue fabric stitched onto an orange ‘cheddar’ background. In the quilt world the name ‘cheddar’ came from a shade of yellow resembling the color of cheese. The moon is often depicted as made of cheese.

Detail 1 of Once In A Blue Moon - fractal quilt by Rose Rushbrooke. Image copyright © Rose Rushbrooke.

I wanted my husband to be part of this quilt. He is a fly fishermen and anglers consult the ‘Solunar Theory’ – or fishing by moon phase, to pick a good moment to catch the most fish. Hence a single carved fish is attached to the quilt bringing together a rare occurrence, and the moon.

The quilt is hand stitched and is made with cotton fabrics. 18″w x 30″h.