Craig Wetzel and the Imaginactory

I Thought He Was A Pig by Craig Wetzel
I Thought He Was A Pig by Craig Wetzel

We get some interesting people buying thread from our store. Fishermen, quilters, airplane model makers, musicians and now Japanese bookbinders.

Craig Wetzel’s email caught my eye – what on earth is the Imaginactory? Well, a strange word at least. And, it appears, a strange bird is Craig.

Lovely paintings, in egg tempura. A little used medium but utterly beautiful in execution. His subjects could almost be from a Lewis Carroll world, or even Edward Lear. A pig on a bridge………?

And his writing is after my own heart. A man with a sense of humour, and apparently friends with like minds, such as Amey, who writes amusingly about Craig.

Perhaps you would like to wander around Sycamore Shadows – an imaginary town?