Nancy Cain – shaped peyote beads

Bead Stitching: Shaped Peyote

I finally got around to buying this online video from – Bead Stitching: Shaped Peyote with Nancy Cain. I never watched videos when learning to quilt but I find them very useful while learning to bead.

Nancy does a nice job of showing how to make a variety of beaded bead components. And then she explains step-by-step ways to put them together in wearable jewelry. Plus she talks about color and why she uses certain colors and when she wears them. Continue reading “Nancy Cain – shaped peyote beads”

Ann Harwell – quilt artist

Light Echoes from an Evolving Star by Ann Harwell
Light Echoes from an Evolving Star by Ann Harwell

Once upon a time, long, long ago, I spent time with an art quilt group based in North Carolina. Now I am in Florida it is not something I am able to continue. Which is a shame as I enjoyed the interaction between the artists and the critic who was invited to view and comment on our work.

Ann Harwell was, and perhaps still is, a member of the group. She was there at its inception and I always enjoyed her soft voice and gentle manner. She works on her art full time and has produced many pieces over years.

I explored her website recently to see what she was up to and found this quilt under construction. I love seeing how pieces evolve so Light Echoes from an Evolving Star caught my eye. Sometimes I think the work is enough as is, in the construction stage. Just like this piece. The lines of the trees are so evocative with the star showing through.

One day I will go back and see if the quilt is finished.

Jeana Kimball Foxglove Cottage straw needles

Jeana Kimball Foxglove Cottage straw needles size 11These are the straw needles we have decided to put in place of the lovely Jean Lyle needles we used to carry.

They come in a nice little case, there are 16 needles in the case. These are really skinny straw needles in size 11, from Jeana Kimball’s Foxglove Cottage.

They are Jeana’s favorite needle, and make needle-turn applique easy and smooth. Straw needles are also useful for basting, hand piecing and quilting. The narrow shank of this fine needle glides easily through several fabric layers without hesitation.