Jeana Kimball’s Foxglove Cottage betweens/quilting needles size 10

Jeana Kimball Foxglove Cottage betweens quilting needles size 10These English quilting needles are our replacement for the lovely Jean Lyle quilting needles.

This is a good standard size. They come bigger, and they come smaller, but this is the size most hand quilters use.

Having said that, I tend to use the smaller size 11. No idea why. I just do!

I like the way these Foxglove Cottage needles are packaged – in a little tube. There are 16 needles in the tube.

Jeana Kimball’s Foxglove Cottage Sharps Needles Size 10

Jeana Kimball Foxglove Cottage sharps needles size 10

As a replacement for our favourite Jean Lyle hand needles from England we have found these little tubes of 16 needles from Foxglove Cottage. We are now out of the Jean Lyle size 10A appliqué needles and they are being replaced with Foxglove Cottage sharps size 10.

Sharps needles are best known as all purpose hand sewing needles. They are longer and finer than the Betweens /Quilting needle. They are also shorter and finer than Straw needles. Some prefer them for simple mending tasks, others like it for hand appliqué and hand quilting.