Sheep’s Eyes Beaded Beads

Sheep's Eyes beaded beads
Sheep’s Eyes beaded beads

These beaded beads took a long time. Three is quite enough!

Sheep's Eyes fractal art quilt
Sheep’s Eyes fractal art quilt

They are inspired by the fractal quilt Sheep’s Eyes. The colours are pulled directly from the quilt and the circular theme fits round beads perfectly.

They are done in freeform peyote stitch around a 25mm wooden bead. I found all sorts of shapes I could use – seed beads of various sizes, crystals, and bugle beads.

I love trying anything once, and I loved the look of these beaded beads. But it was a bit mind boggling creeping around the bead finding suitable shapes and sizes to fit in the spaces.

Sheep's Eyes beaded beads - alternate view
Sheep’s Eyes beaded beads – alternate view

Here’s another view of the beads from a different angle. They are strung on a black leather cord – but a blue silk cord would look good too.