Laura McCabe’s Embellished Beadweaving

Embellished Beadweaving by Laura McCabe
Embellished Beadweaving by Laura McCabe

This book in the Lark Jewelry Beadweaving Master Class series is the one which sucked me into the art of beadweaving.

After browsing through the book I kept seeing images in my mind of fantastic earrings, pendant’s with eyes, reproductions of flowers, incredible clasps. I realised beadweaving isn’t just bracelets and necklaces. It was a whole area of artistic exploration and will keep me busy for uncountable hours in the future.

Laura introduces the book and explains what each of the Chapters are about. The first 3  are foundation Chapters describing beads through history, then go on to the basic beading kit, stitches and techniques.

Chapter 4 is a guide to the embellishments. This Chapter is very important and needs to be studied carefully. Here you will find the foundation of Laura’s patterns and also the inspiration for your own ideas. All the buds, flowers, leaves are explained with sharp pictures and clear diagrams. It is worth practicing some of these embellishments and making samples.

For design and colour ideas Chapter 5 is filled with helpful suggestions and of course, lovely photographs of the flora and fauna which inspired Laura.

Projects from Laura McCabe's Embellished BeadweavingThen you get to the meat of the book – Chapter 6: The Projects. There are 18 designs to choose from, and let me tell you, it is difficult to decide which one to start with. In the end, I made a pair of Herringbone Cluster Earrings. They are perfect for special evenings, such as Christmas, or a dinner out. I have had many comments about these earrings.

Eye Pendant from Laura McCabe's Embellished BeadweavingAnd what about this?! What a fun and different thing to wear. There’ll be some interesting remarks when someone wears it out in public!

The book is filled with drool making pictures which is why it is so hard to decide which project to start first. And the gallery at the end of the book really is a showcase of embellished beadwork. Especially the sculptural work which fascinates.

Altogether I found the instructions clear and useful. The diagrams made sense and I learned how to make a gorgeous pair of earrings which I wear often. You can’t say better than that.

The book is published by Lark Crafts and is part of the Master Class series.